Victoria Tillotson

You know that feeling you get when you're shopping and come across an item that was made for you? For example, maybe you weren't looking to buy a new pair of shoes, but you find these amazing leather booties that have the exact type of stud embellishment you like. Or if you're like me and are super picky with handbags, you find a leopard purse with the exact leopard print that  looks chic and not trashy/cheap. Well this situation happened to me as I was reading an email regarding a jewelry line by Victoria Tillotson. As I looked through the look book, I kept thinking to myself: I want everything. Her collection reminds me of the comfort and peace I feel when I go on walks or hikes, surrounded by trees. The branches and twigs are leafless, which give a somewhat eerie and dark feeling that I truly love. You can read my full article at Cliché Magazine here: Victoria Tillotson Jewelry.