Dress Shopping in Montclair

I literally live in dresses during the summer and have put on a pair of jeans about 1-3 times so far. With commuting to work everyday and taking the subway, dresses are so much more comfortable and efficient to wear in the heat. My latest article for Baristanet.com is on the best dresses I've found in Montclair. I went to Femmebot for the first time while working on this story and was surprised I haven't been there before since the boutique is right on Bloomfield Ave. I've been on the hunt for a cut-out bralette to wear underneath low-cut maxi dresses and found a perfect one there. I also found a great paisley dress at Femmebot to feature in my article that has unique jagged ends. You can read my full article here: Shopping Montclair For The Perfect Summer Dress